COACHING, as defined by the International Coaching Federation or ICF, is “partnering with Clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

It is a collaborative relationship between a client who is seeking change, growth, or something different moving forward in their life; and a coach, who serves as a committed development partner and facilitates a process of inquiry, exploration, discovery and action toward the client’s desired outcomes.

Free Discovery Call – ≤60 min to discern chemistry and “fit” for working together. Single coaching sessions and discounted packages – Meeting frequency and duration TBD by client and coach.  


MENTOR COACHING (MC)  for pursuing  or renewing your ICF-ACC or PCC credential, I can help you complete all or a portion of the 10 hours of mentor coaching (≤7 hours of group, ≥3 hours of individual or 1:1 mentor coaching) required by ICF. The 10-hour mentor coaching package comes at a discount, and returning mentor coaching clients receive an additional loyalty discount. 

Mentor coaching can support you in honing your coaching skills through practice, reflection, and focused feedback. Through mentor coaching, we can address your  coaching challenges, level-up your knowledge, broaden your skill repertoire, and increase you self-confidence as a coach so that you can enjoy coaching even more and better serve your clients.

Let’s explore what best meets your needs and goals as a coach. Contact me for pricing. 


The FEBI (“fee-bee” – Focus Balance Energy Indicator) is a validated psychometric assessment that measures 4 patterns in your nervous system (Driver, Organizer, Collaborator, Visionary) that map to the 4 dominant personality factors. These patterns link mind, body, and behaviors and mannifest in our movements, reactions, interactions, and how we take action in the world.

The FEBI identifies your stronger or preferred patterns and the implications for life and work. It also provides insights into  your weaker patterns and how to cultivate them so that you can use them more readily when they are needed. The potential benefits are leading your life and others with greater self-awareness, balance, and energy in your life and work.


1) An individual FEBI assessment and results report, with an optional 60-90 min coaching session. This can provide a sound foundation for coaching.

2) Targeting Your Leadership Energy (TYLE) is an interactive, FEBI-based workshop for individuals that builds leadership agility and emotional intelligence from inside out.

3) Harnessing Your Team’s Energy is a follow-up workshop to TYLE that brings teams together to understand how the energy patterns show up in team members, team dynamics, and the team overall, how the patterns connect to the team’s purpose and context, and how to leverage and develop the energy of the team for maximum effectiveness.


METAPHOR-PLAY! is a 60-min guided exploration based in symbolic modeling, systems theory, and sandplay therapy. You bring a question, topic, scenario, or challenge you’d like to explore, gain a new perspective, or get clarity around via an evidence-based approach.

You’ll receive a Metaphor-Play kit with 15-25 small objects and a modeling “field” (~$15 value), personalized coaching, and an experience that engages all of your body-mind intelligence.

Team Metaphor-Play is designed for 3-8 team members) create a model together and it includes a a 2-hour team coaching session to facilitate the process, reflect together on shared meaning-making, and create an action plan for applying your learning.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® METHODS AND MATERIALS provide a wonderful opportunity for you or your team to engage in a multi-modal creative activity, do hands-on thinking, and have some “hard fun”! . You’ll gain awareness of how you approach challenges, clarity regarding a current situation, and what’s needed to reach your goal or desired state. You can explore the obstacles, resources, and next steps in the liminal space between What is (your current situation) and What if? (what you want to create).

Options: 1) A modality for ongoing exploration in a 4+ session coaching engagement. 2) A single individual workshop or webinar + 60-90 min of customized coaching. 3) A team workshop or webinar includes kits for 3-12 people (+ S&H if applicable) + ≥2-hour coaching. Longer workshops or retreats available – please inquire.

WORKSHOPS, RETREATS, ETC.  Customized, engaging learning experiences. Options include FEBI assessments, Metaphor-Play, or a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop or a series of workshops. Additional team-building activities can be incorporated as desired.

Formats: In-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Team members gain new awareness about themselvs, and how they view their work individually and collectively. Additional outcomes include perspective-shifting, engaging in design thinking, and fostering productive, mindful communication and teamwork.

Appropriate for whatever stage your team is in – from forming (building a new team or incorporating new members), norming (establishing guidelines for behavior, etc.), storming (facing into and resolving conflicts), performing (improving relationships, enhancing processes and products), or transforming (reorganizing around a new project or heading toward project completion.

Contact me by email @ to discuss options, to share your needs and desired outcomes, and to obtain quotes .

 TOUCHSTONES are palpable and inspiring reminders of what matters most through images, words, and designs. Choose from available Touchstones, or collaborate with me to create your own unique Touchstone or collection. Each waterstone is hand-decorated, wrapped with care, and presented in its own organza bag.

Touchstones make great birthday, wedding, or house-warming gifts, or gifts for your own wonderful self! When combined with your intention and practice, they serve as reminders to support the sustainable inner change you want to make. Inspirational poems and quotes are included by request.

Individual Touchstones range in price depending on size + shipping and handling. Themed sets are individually priced based on the number and sizes of the stones.

Your engagement makes a positive impact!

10% of your total purchase will go to support a socially responsible charity that supports clean water for the planet.

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