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I bring a keen understanding of the body’s structure, function, and capacity for change and adaptation to what I do, along with mindfulness training and a background in experiential education. All of these support me in providing (and us in co-creating) well-grounded, engaging,  and transformative coaching, mentor coaching, and learning experiences.

Credentials                               Training

  • ICF-Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Certified Presence-Based® Coach
  • ICF Registered Mentor Coach
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods and Materials
  • Certified Hands-On Thinking Coach
  • FEBI (FOCUS Energy Balance Indicator) assessment and coaching with the results
  • Power of Metaphors in Coaching Certification – Level One
  • Lifestyle and Wellness Coach
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)
  • Ph.D. in Kinesiology
  • NC Outward Bound Field Instructor (1979-87) and Semester Course Director (Spring 1986)
  • Seasoned workshop and retreat designer and facilitator 
  • Presence-Based® Coaching:  Doug Silsbee
  • Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training: Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield
  • Leaderhip Embodiment I & II:  Strozzi Institute
  • Embodied Leadership I & Il and Intensive/Retreat:  Wendy Palmer
  • Body=Brain Course and Alumni Retreat:  Amanda Blake
  • The Power of Presence, The Art of Developmental Coaching, The Power of Embodied Transformation:  Coaches Rising
  • Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness:  David Treleaven
  • Conscious Becoming (Self-Coaching):  Yotam Schachter
  • The Power of Metaphors in Coaching:  Lyssa deHart


We start where you are, clarify what’s important to you, and move in the direction you want to go. Our work together supports you in cultivating stability or groundedness in your soma (your whole organism) and in returning to that state (coming home) when you experience stress or a threat. From there, you can be more at choice in your response and take more intentional and effective action around what you care about.

We co-design a customized approach and practices or “fieldwork” that help you embody your values and build the “muscle” that supports you in moving toward your desired destination, one step at a time.

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Tina offers a unique, holistic approach to coaching that will touch your core and leave you feeling more alive, more fully who you are meant to be, and how to best move forward honoring your unique dignity and worth.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have discovered such a gift​.​​​​​

Betsy, Highly Sensitive Person, Wife, and Mom
Who you are as a person and as a coach:
  • authentic
  • compassionate
  • an explorer (dare I say “fearless”?)
  • grounded
  • clear
  • deeply committed
Rebecca Johns Professional Coaching

I’ve never had a coaching session before. Tina helped me work through a couple of issues around putting myself ‘out there’. After about a week and allowing her suggestions to shift my thought processes and release the walls that that I had built up over a lifetime, things started to shift and open up for me. I highly recommend Tina.

Valerie Holman, Healing Vibrations

Tina’s genuine enthusiasm and support of my ideas is nourishment for the soul. My biggest takeaway in working with Tina is becoming aware of the physical reaction of my body when making life choices. Until I worked with Tina, I thought moving forward on my life path was all about getting in touch with my mind and heart; now I have one more “check-in” within myself when making decisions, my body.

Eileen Swalling, MA, Owner of Eileen Makes 

My goal in mentor coaching was to expand beyond “tried and true moves.”  Tina used a variety of methods to support my development including – real time coaching observations and feedback during group sessions, specific feedback derived from recorded sessions with my coaching clients, and access to a variety of different coaching perspectives – all using the ICF core competencies as the foundation. 

I completed the work with some new skills and tools that expand my default “moves” plus I learned some new perspectives on what I do well.  I wholeheartedly recommend Tina to any coach seeking clear and actionable feedback.  She is also just a lot of fun to work with!

Jeff McAuliffe, Coach and Consultant 

Tina’s insightful, developmental and caring approach helped me tap into my personal and professional strengths and awakened a new confidence I had never known before.​​

Katie, Academic Coordinator and Leadership Program Facilitator

Coaching is part art, part science…and no one understands how to blend both the personal touch with methods and strategies that work like Tina. The best part of working with a great coach is how she helps ease out the clarity of a situation or problem and helps the client flush out doable solutions.

Grounded, reliable, and focused, I’ve found every session with Tina over the last two years to be extremely valuable and insightful. 

Phil Dozois, Entrepreneur, Athlete, Father, ICF-ACC,
Certified Personal &      Executive Coach, Certified Performance Enhancement Coach                      

Tina’s ability to listen is exceptional, and her questioning deep yet gentle. Tina’s ability to integrate guidance and compassion in the same inquiry is outstanding, and I especially appreciate her gift for integrating somatic practices into her work, even by phone. I leave our calls with a clear direction and plan for the next step forward. Tina has a real gift for facilitating transformational work.  

Pamela Cotton, Mindfulness Trainer and Coach

Having your help on the journey to becoming a certified coach was such a blessing! I really valued our time together and the insights I have gained both in terms of how I can navigate life more skillfully and with more ease, and for the window you provided into the Presence-Based Coaching approach. … Thank you, Tina, for your openness to supporting my path, your generosity of time and spirit, and all I learned from you. What gifts!

A Hudson Institute certified coach


The mentor coaching experience with Tina was a wonderfully rich one that I hated to see end. I have learned so much and have added several amazing tools to my coaching repertoire. It exceeded every expectation I had going into it. Tina is a skilled and creative guide. I appreciated the creative ways I was able to practice + refine my coaching core competencies.

Marlene Mier, ICF-ACC

Tina’s keen listening skills and knowledge of tools and strategies have helped me to overcome grief and incorporate healthy practices in my life. She is careful to help one discern what is the challenge or hurdle and mindful about what is realistically doable in terms of making a change. I found Tina to always be supportive, even when making only the smallest step forward, and in those times when I slid backward, to have a hand and a smile ready for helping me stabilize and decide what to do next.    

Angela, Academic Events Manager 

Working with Tina was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get certified by the ICF, or simply looking to up their coaching game. From day one, Tina was thorough, responsive, and deeply knowledgeable about the application process. She took the time to understand what my individual goals were for improving my coaching skills, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, which I found refreshing and not at all as expected for a process like this. She really worked with me as an individual to help me harness and appreciate my strengths in addition to providing valuable constructive feedback on my gaps. Finally, she has an amazing, heart-centered presence that feels gorgeous to be around, so my sessions with her were often the highlight of my day.

Heather Dobbin, ICF-ACC

Tina offers practice coaching sessions with her other mentor coaching clients.  The depth, skill and uniqueness of Tina’s clients reflected Tina’s depth, skill, and ability to help me develop my uniqueness as a Coach.  Tina is thoughtful in her approach, yet was adventurous and brave with me in coaching conversations. With Tina’s mentorship, my coaching grew in assurance, evolved and become more refined.

Keith, Actor, Director, Coach

Mentor coaching with Tina was such a pleasure and honor!  She has such a gift for bringing ease and knowledge to every conversation.  I learned more about my skills, strengths and abilities as well as areas to refine than ever.  Tina has a creative, fun, professional way about her that lends a safe space to explore more deeply and gain greater insight.  Her skills and talent for coaching and mentoring along with her breadth of knowledge and experience offer opportunity for anyone wanting to grow and expand their greatness.  I am grateful to of had her as my mentor coach and look forward to continuing our coaching relationship.

Lin Whitlock, Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach, ICF-ACC, Certified Equine Guided Educator (CEGE) 

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